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In the course of my many years as a locksmith servicing the Washington, DC (and specifically Northern Virginia area) as a locksmith, I’ve come across countless models and brands of residential locks. And the one piece of advice I would like to impart to my readers today is: Think long and hard before purchasing self-rekeying locks.

At first, this advice would seem a bit self-serving. After all, if you can rekey your own locks, you don’t need to pay me or another locksmith to do it. And, if you rekey your locks often (perhaps you rent property and have tenants frequently coming and going), then the cons of the Kwikset SmartKey and Schlage SecureKey systems might be outweighed by the pros. But the average person might rekey the locks to their properties once in the locks’ lifespan, mitigating any costs saved by having a locksmith come out to do the job. And the negatives of these two systems are not in short supply.

For example, much more often than with a standard key system, I come across self-rekeying locks that have simply stopped functioning without warning. Self-rekeying locks possess two-to-three times the moving parts as a regular lock, and they’re often small, plastic parts which break with great ease. It doesn’t take much for your lock to be rendered inoperable, requiring replacement (and a locksmith to get you in the place if you have no other entrances).

Also, these self-rekeying locks cannot be picked. And, while this sounds like a plus at first, the average criminal doesn’t know how to pick locks: He’s much more likely to knock in a window or even check for an open door. However, when you have locked yourself out and call a locksmith, these locks nearly always require drilling to open, meaning you’re out the cost of a new lock and installation where a traditional lock might have been picked, keeping it perfectly intact.

Last, unlike a regular lock, if you lose the keys to these fixtures, it is next to impossible to rekey them. Regular locks can be taken apart and reset, as it were, to be set to the key of your choice. Self-rekeying locks do not possess this luxury: If you’ve lost the keys to them and want to rekey them later on, you’re more than likely looking at replacing them.

Ultimately, security decisions are yours to make. But take the collected anecdotal wisdom above into consideration before you put locks on your next residence.

It’s been a while since Hercules Safe & Lock posted, but it’s only because we have been so incredibly busy servicing the lock needs of so many Fairfax County, VA residents. If you need a locksmith with after-hours availability to fit your schedule, look no further than Hercules Safe & Lock. We are safe, affordable, licensed and easy to reach. Just give us a call or shoot as an email for a free quote. It’s as simple as that.

Va Locksmith ChantillyIt’s been a while since I updated about the adventures of Hercules Safe & Lock in the Chantilly, VA area. Rest assured, we have been at it, busy as ever, opening cars, rekeying houses and, in general, doing our best to tend to the locksmithing needs of our fellow residents of Chantilly. Feel free to call for an estimate!

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Hercules Safe and Lock wishes to convey its thanks this Christmas for your continued patronage and looks forward to more service as the area’s most loyal locksmith in 2014. Thanks for everything!

Northern Va locksmith Safe fairfaxHercules Safe and Lock feels truly blessed to have served you, the Northern Virginia area, as a locksmith for the year 2013. Going into 2014, Hercules Safe and Lock looks forward to even more work as your top Northern Virginia locksmith. Call us for a quote Anytime, they are free over the phone. Enjoy your holidays!

Va LocksmithThis Christmastime, don’t forget that Hercules Safe & Lock is here for all of your locksmith needs, Chantilly. If you’re in a mall parking lot after a long day of shopping on Christmas Eve, or even on December 25th, if you’re locked out, Hercules Safe & Lock is there to let you in. Just give us a call at the phone number listed on the site.

Va LocksmithAlthough a bit beyond our usual range, Hercules Safe & Lock has proudly served the Arlington area as a locksmith for years. More than one Sunday morning has been spent letting a beleaguered resident into their apartment after a night of fun gave way to a morning of lost keys. So don’t be afraid to call Hercules Safe & Lock if locked out: We may be based in Fairfax, but we can still be there within half an hour to let you in.

As freezing rain rips through the Northern Virginia area, we wish to remind our customers that Hercules Safe & Lock is still ready to serve as your locksmith. Security needs don’t disappear with pleasant weather and neither does Hercules Safe & Lock. If you need a locksmith in the Northern Virginia area, we are here for you, rain, sleet or snow.

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